Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians: Course 1
Online Digital CPD Course
7.5 CPD Credits
The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine
The Digital CPD Course “Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians: Course 1” 
What is it?
This is the digital modular course, based on our signature conference "The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine."
The modules have been designed to give a comprehensive understanding of Lifestyle Medicine Education.
What will I gain from doing this course?
  • An understanding of the importance of Lifestyle Medicine which will enhance your career and job satisfaction
  • Ability to practice evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine interventions with your patients, your practice population and lead changes in your local health strategy
  • Better outcomes for your patients with less medication
  • Be part of the Lifestyle Medicine movement
  • Improvement in your own wellbeing
  • CPD certification in “Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians”
  • How to steer your career towards Lifestyle Medicine
Is this CPD?
Yes, 7.5 CPD credits in 12 modules
*3 hours of accredited CPD from British Society of Lifestyle Medicine
**7.5 hours CPD accredited from British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine
Do I have to be a Healthcare Professional to access this course?
The knowledge and CPD are aimed at General Practitioners. It is also relevant for other Healthcare Professionals such as Pharmacists, Nutritional Therapists, Nurses, Health Coaches, Secondary Care Specialists, Physiotherapists, GP Registrars, Physician's Associates and all Healthcare Leaders 
I already attended the conference in September 2018.
Please note - if you attended our Lifestyle Medicine Conference; the presentations are included plus there are 5 new modules, additional summaries of the presentations and a quiz!  
Who are the contributors?
Nationally and internationally highly regarded experts, who presented at our conference. In addition, we have added informative modules from UK Medical Professionals with expertise in Lifestyle Medicine.
Why did we release this course? 
The NHS is currently facing a chronic disease crisis and the drug budget is rising year on year – the estimate from the King's fund is that this was £17.4 billion in 2016/17. The Department of Health estimates that 70% of total healthcare spending is due to chronic conditions. The Scottish government estimate that 80% of General Practice consultations are for chronic disease. The rise in chronic disease is also a global problem.
The causes of chronic disease are complex, impacted by the wider determinants of health; including social, behavioural, cultural and physical factors. It is easy to feel we have little control in influencing our patient's long term health but there is much we can influence, without falling into the trap of victim blaming. This course will talk you through an evidence-based approach.
One of our aims at Inspired Medics is to educate medical professionals to help reduce the global chronic disease crisis. We are doing this by bringing together the evidence and knowledge on Lifestyle Medicine in a way that is relevant for GP’s and healthcare professionals and applicable to our patients. Following the success of the live conference in Leeds, we want to enable medics to make a difference and reduce the chronic disease epidemic we face.
Is it evidence-based?  
Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately we cannot as once bought the whole course is downloadable
How long do I have access for?
Untill you decide to cancel it!
The Modules: 
  1. Why the Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine
  2. Understanding Evidence-Based Medicine
  3. Lipids and Cholesterol – What does the Evidence Say?
  4. Mental Health and Nutrition – The Gut-Brain Axis
  5. Putting Type 2 Diabetes into Remission
  6. Self-care for Clinicians: From Stressful to Stressless
  7. Stress
  8. Intermittent Fasting
  9. Sleep
  10. Meditation
  11. How to Create a Career in Lifestyle Medicine
  12. Test Your Knowledge
If you could find a way to better treat your patients with fewer medications and less input from healthcare professionals AND at the same time improve your own well-being would you want to learn more?
If the answer to this is a YES - then this course is for you!
How to Buy?
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  7. We recommend using Google Chrome to work through each of the 12 modules.

Premium Package

Our comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine premium package is available in one discounted bundle

Courses 1 and 2 together include: 

16+ hours of Lifestyle Medicine learning in multiple formats

21 learning modules

✓ 16.5 CPD hours


 Presentation slides

 Module booklets

 Downloadable resources

 CPD tracker


 CPD certification 

 12 months access 

Together these courses are  worth £340

December sale now on:

2 courses for only £249

Why is Lifestyle Medicine so important?
This online lifestyle course has been one of the best and most influential courses that I have done to date. It is a fantastic introduction for anyone interested in Lifestyle Medicine. As, Dr Angela Goyal says at the beginning we have become a national 'sick' service, but we need to be promoting 'health' and positive changes for our patients. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend.
Dr Helen Aveyard, GP @ Digital Lifestyle Medicine Course for Clinicians 

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