About Us
Our mission is to provide inspiring and
life-changing CPD courses for medics.
Inspired Medics 
Connect . Motivate . Transform 
We run CPD events for GPs.
They are different.
Our Mission
To provide medics with education which helps to inspire, motivate and connect like-minded people.
To help you to create a fulfilling Portfolio career, which you love!
To help you to transform your practice to encompass using Lifestyle Medicine in your consultations, which will help patients with chronic disease, and will help you feel more fulfilled in your career.
Our CPD events have been described as life-changing by past delegates. 
We incorporate meaningful time for CONNECTING with others. People stay in touch!
We are about guiding you in your career and helping you to TRANSFORM your career.
Through inspirational speakers, we help to MOTIVATE you in your CPD.
We are passionate about helping you transform your clinical practice and career.
Check out our testimonials and see for yourself!
Meet The Team
Dr Angela Goyal

Founder of Inspired Medics

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Dr Katie Blissard-Barnes

Content Writer and Social Media Team

Dr Hikari Yamaguchi

Social Media Team