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The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine

Digital CPD Course
7.5 CPD hours
New: 2nd Edition
12 months' access


accredited for 3 hours

accredited for 3 hours

The digital CPD course, Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians. Course 1 

This is the digital modular course based on our signature conference "The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine."​

"This conference has such relevance in today’s era of medicine. This should be practiced every day, by every doctor with every patient. Thank you Angela & team, for delivering an excellent course & raising my awareness of lifestyle medicine."


~ Dr Kay Hollingworth

Non communicable diseases (NCDs) kill around 40 million people each year; that's around 70% of all deaths globally. They are a result of a combination of factors including genetics, physiology, environment and behaviours. 


NCDs such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes and certain forms of cancer are heavily linked to lifestyle and can be influenced by lifestyle interventions.

With very little evidence-based medical education on lifestyle interventions we have designed this course to enable medics to make a difference and reduce the chronic disease epidemic we face.


  1. Why the Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine

  2. Understanding Evidence-Based Medicine

  3. Lipids and Cholesterol – What does the Evidence Say?

  4. Mental Health and Nutrition – The Gut-Brain Axis

  5. Putting Type 2 Diabetes into Remission

  6. Self-care for Clinicians: From Stressful to Stressless

  7. Stress

  8. Intermittent Fasting

  9. Sleep

  10. Meditation

  11. How to Create a Career in Lifestyle Medicine

  12. Test Your Knowledge


Understanding why Lifestyle Medicine is the future of healthcare

Evidence-based medicine and how data is presented

Risk benefits of statins

Nutrition and lifestyle for mental health

How to put type 2 diabetes into remission

The science behind stress, sleep, intermittent fasting and meditation and what to advise patients



The most eye-opening course of my career to date. This will make you re-think the way you practice medicine and what the true duties of a doctor really are.

Dr Lafina Diamades


Enhanced career fulfillment or steer your career towards Lifestyle Medicine 

The ability to practice evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine with your patients

Better outcomes for your patients with less medication

Be part of the Lifestyle Medicine movement

Improve your own well-being

CPD certification in “Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians”


This course is designed specifically for NHS doctors of all grades and specialities.


It is suitable for:

  • GPs

  • Junior Doctors

  • Hospital Consultants

  • Pharmacists

  • Nutritional Therapists

  • Nurses

  • Health Coaches

  • Physiotherapists

  • GP Registrars

  • Physician's Associates

  • Healthcare Leaders

  • Allied Healthcare Professionals 

  • Private Doctors

Lifestyle Medicine


Lifestyle Medicine - Lucille Allen-Paisant

Lucille Allen-Paisant

Director of Mind It UK

Founder of Leeds Wellbeing Week

Lifestyle Medicine - Dr Aseem Malhotra

Dr Aseem Malhotra

Consultant Cardiologist, author of Pioppi Diet

Lifestyle Medicine - Dr Pratima Singh

Dr Pratima Singh

Consultant Psychiatrist

Lifestyle Medicine - Dr David Unwin

Dr David Unwin

RCGP Diabetes Champion

Lifestyle Medicine - Sam Feltham

Sam Feltham

Director Public Health Collaboration

Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Angela Goyal

GP, Director of Inspired Medics, specialist interest in Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine - Dr Katie Blissard Barnes

Dr Katie Blissard Barnes

Core Trainee in Psychiatry, interests in  Environmentalism and Public Mental Health

Lifestyle Medicine - Dr Sophie Newton

Dr Sophie Newton

GP and YouTuber

Lifestyle Medicine - Dr Liza Thomas-Emrus 

Dr Liza Thomas-Emrus 

GP, Founder of Revive Prescibed. Trained with the British School of Meditation


Dr Emma Short

Histopathologist with PhD in Cancer Genetics. Diplomas on Mindful Nutrition and Shinrin Yoku


Dr Charlotte Marriot

Consultant NHS Psychiatrist. Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician


How much does it cost?

The cost of the course is £225 for all 12 modules and free course updates 

How long do I have access for?

A whole 12 months' access

That's just £225 for full access to our New 2nd Edition course for 12 months

Combined Bundle

Our comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine courses are available in one discounted bundle

All the above, plus access to Course 2: 

17+ hours of Lifestyle Medicine learning in multiple formats

22 learning modules

 17.5 CPD hours


 Presentation slides

 Module booklets

 Downloadable resources

 CPD tracker


 CPD certification 

 12 months' access 


Together these courses are worth £450


Bundle Offer:

2 courses for only £365
How to purchase


Please sign up using a non NHS email. Otherwise due to settings you may not receive a confirmation email.


You'll be invited to create an account with Thinkific, our learning platform, when you pay (if you already have a Thinkific account, you can use your existing account). After purchase you'll receive a confirmation email and receipt.


Once you've successfully purchased the course you'll be able to log in at any time, either via the direct link or via our website.


-PCNs-      -CCGs-      -Deaneries-      -VTS schemes-      -Large teams- 
We can provide a variety of bespoke educational experiences in Lifestyle Medicine for your organisation to suit your learning needs.
For teams of over 10, we offer packages on our digital courses as well as commissioned seminars and webinars. 

 Reduce unnecessary prescribing

✓ In line with the NHS Long Term Plan, bring your clinicians up to speed in how to implement personalised care and tackling the major risk factors causing premature death and disability

 Improve patient satisfaction 

 Consistency across your organisation, who will be at the forefront in practicing evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine 

If you could find a way to better treat your patients with fewer medications and less input from healthcare professionals AND at the same time improve your own wellbeing, would you want to learn more?
If the answer to this is a YES - then this course is for you!
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