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New Release: Lifestyle Medicine in Clinical Practice, CPD Course 2
 This is our new digital CPD course 
  • Presentations from expert Speakers
  • 10 hours of CPD Credits in 10 modules
  • Gain a whole new perspective on healthcare
  • Develop your skills in Lifestyle Medicine to apply with your patients
Lifestyle Medicine from the comfort of your own home 


The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine
National Lifestyle Medicine Conference
Take a look at a short clip from our Lifestyle Medicine Conference
Portfolio GPs Careers
 ''I’m still buzzing the next day, and feel full of optimism about the future.''
Dr Cecilia Tillotson
A Portfolio medical career is not something which is taught in medical training. However, with a medical career to last over 40 years, it is only natural that we would want to shape our careers to suit our personalities, talents and interests.
A medical career can be stressful and can lead to burnout. It may turn out that it was not the job you dreamed it to be. You may have other skills which you wish to utilize alongside medicine. Or, you may not be feeling as fulfilled as you wish you could be.
A Portfolio career may be something you wish to consider and is not about leaving medicine – it is about combining your medical career with other interests and paradoxically this can actually retain medics within the NHS. The other skills you have can be of a huge benefit in or outside of medicine.
Examples of Portfolio medics who have attended our events include GPs who are also entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, media medics, medical educators, healthcare leaders and many more.
At Inspired Medics, we are here to help you with career transformation. Through our events, you can connect with others and the combination of knowledge and making connections can help your career to thrive.


National Portfolio GP Career and Networking Conference
Take a look at a short clip from our Portfolio GPs Career and Networking Conference
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An absolutely fantastic day full of positivity and enthusiasm. There was a real emphasis on networking and I have come away with many new contacts and information to explore. I would highly recommend the course to any GP whatever stage of their career they are at.
Dr Jo Rees @ National Careers and Networking Conference

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