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Inspiring and life-changing Lifestyle Medicine and Social Prescribing courses to support CPD in Medicine
Our latest Lifestyle Medicine course will show you how to implement evidence-based lifestyle interventions & personalised care in your clinical practice

The future of healthcare is lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle can have a significant positive impact on health, but lifestyle medicine is not something we learn about in medical training.
At Inspired Medics we strongly believe in encouraging lifestyle interventions and social prescribing for patients with chronic disease. These interventions are an essential part of managing our patients. Understanding the wider determinants of health, and the individual patient's resources and preferences are vital.


And the way that this is communicated is essential to the effectiveness of the intervention.

Are you ready to see how lifestyle medicine can revolutionise your approach with patients - and improve their health?

Lifestyle medicine courses to support CPD in Medicine

Our CPD courses for doctors and clinicians are designed to provide you with an insight into the principles of Lifestyle Medicine – and show you how you can start to bring it into your clinical practice.   

Time is short in medical consultations. 
Sometimes it feels like we don't have the time to discuss lifestyle, or go into depth on a patient’s history.

We hope that our courses will inspire you to spend just a minute discussing an aspect of lifestyle - a minute that could really make a difference to your patients.

Course 1: The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine

Course 2: Lifestyle Medicine in Clinical Practice

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Lifestyle Medicine in Clinical Practice
 This is our latest digital CPD course 
  • Presentations from expert Speakers
  • 10 hours of CPD Credits in 10 modules
  • Gain a whole new perspective on healthcare
  • Develop your skills in Lifestyle Medicine to apply with your patients
Study Lifestyle Medicine from the comfort of your own home 


Doctor Office

Extremely useful course which you can do at your own convenience, empowers you with ideas and methods to use in daily consultations to improve the health and lifestyle of patients as well as to help and motivate patients with chronic illness.

Dr Mini Unnikrishnan, GP

The most eye-opening course of my career to date. This will make you re-think the way you practice medicine and what the true duties of a doctor really are

Dr Lafina Diamades

I learnt a lot that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and it has also stimulated an interest in nutrition that I will continue to research. I think this course could possibly change my clinical practice, my future work and my own lifestyle and my family's lifestyle

Dr Louise Ainley

Testimonials from our courses

The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine Conference
 National Lifestyle Medicine Conference
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National Portfolio GP Career and Networking Conference
Take a look at a short clip from our Portfolio GPs Career and Networking Conference
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