Dr Angela Goyal
Dr Angela Goyal
Founder of Inspired Medics
Angela set up Inspired Medics to provide CPD for GPs with a difference. 
Our events combine CPD with time to connect with other medics and feel inspirational, fun and motivational.  
The first national event was the Portfolio GP Careers Conference inspired by Angela's own Portfolio career. Designing a dream career or even a Portfolio GP career is not covered in training yet, it is fundamentally important for career fulfillment and personal wellbeing. The feedback for this event was tremendous.  
Over the past few years, Angela has developed a keen interest in Lifestyle Medicine. Although well evidenced there is a lack of training in this in medical curricula. We have developed a new digital course and our Lifestyle Medicine Conference attracted 250 Healthcare Professionals from the UK and abroad. We had over 100 fantastic testimonials. This is one of them:   
''An excellent way to spend a Saturday, listening to awe-inspiring speakers who are clearly passionate about improving health for all.''  Dr Kumud Verdi 
About Dr Angela Goyal  
Angela has a diverse Portfolio medical career. She is a GP with an Extended Role in Dermatology and Skin Surgery and accredited in these roles by the Royal College of General Practitioners. She is Clinical Lead for AQP Services at OneMedicalGroup for AQP. In this role she develops Community NHS specialist services in Leeds.
Her specialist interest in dermatology began over 10 years ago, with the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology from the Queen Mary University of London. Since then, she has written for peer-reviewed journals and has been involved with drafting national guidance for the Primary Care Dermatology Society on Psoriasis. She teaches dermatology to GPs regularly. 
Her more recent passion is Lifestyle Medicine and Angela completed AFMCP in 2017. The interest in preventative health began from a young age as she learned from parents traditional Indian practices for well-being, such as yoga, meditation and eating nutritious foods. 
Angela believes in encouraging lifestyle interventions from her patients with chronic disease. She is also active in promoting the Lifestyle Medicine message more widely amongst the public through the media and to medical professionals. Her approach is really to remind that these interventions are an essential part of managing our patients. Understanding the wider determinants of health, individual patient's resources and preferences is vital. How this is communicated is essential to effectiveness and avoiding a feeling of blame. 
Other roles 
Regional Director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.  
Medical Education - Angela is regularly invited to present at Medical conferences; locally and nationally on Dermatology, Lifestyle Medicine and Portfolio Careers. 
In 2018, she was delighted to be recognized for her Inspired Medics work and was a finalist of the prestigious Pulse National ‘GP of the Year’ Awards!  
Outside work she enjoys hill walking, cycling, tennis, cooking and family time.  
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